News Updates


News Updates

Priority Fields of CITTC 2020

1. Next Generation Information Technology

Semiconductors, 5G Mobile Communication, Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit (VLSI), the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Health Big Data


2. New Materials

High-performance Carbon Fiber, Graphene and Nanomaterials, Low-power Electronic Materials, High-performance Membrane Materials, High-performance Metal Materials, Special Organic Polymers


3. Bio-Medicines and Healthcare

Medicines and Equipment for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Personalized Treatment and Precision Treatment, New-target Novel Drugs, New Medicines and New Preparations, and High-end Medical Devices


4. Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Equipment

Industrial Robots, High-end Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Tools, Super-large Operating Machinery, Modern Transportation Equipment, and Marine Engineering Equipment and High-tech Ships


5. Advanced Energy and Clean Technology

Smart Grid, Novel Environmental Protection, High-efficiency Energy-saving Technologies and Products, Low-energy Consumption Liquid Waste Treatment, Soil and Groundwater Restoration, and Air Pollution Control


6. High-tech Agriculture

Excellent Agricultural Varieties, and High-end Agricultural Equipment