Strengthen Open Innovation Partnership  Establish cooperation network integrating with the global innovation resources. Promote Jiangsu to take part in global R&D collaboration on the basis of mutual benefit.

Facilitate Cooperation Matchmaking   Advance the industrial R&D project cooperation with first-class innovation institutes. Facilitate more transformation and industrializations of global advanced technologies in Jiangsu.


1. Plenary Session - Online

Addresses and speeches by distinguished Chinese and international representatives

2. Technology Roadshows - Online

Technology Roadshows (key partner countries)

Hosted by delegations of key partner countries like Russia, Republic of Korea, Norway, Austria, etc..

Technology Roadshows (priority fields)

Including digital technology, life sciences, green growth, etc..

3. Webinar on “Belt and Road” Agricultural Innovation Cooperation

Representatives from Jiangsu universities, research institutes, enterprises and “Belt and Road” partners will share their experience and vision on agricultural innovation cooperation and ideas on how to improve innovation capacity and the level of openness in cooperation to help Jiangsu and “Belt and Road” partners in building agricultural innovation partnership network.

4. Technology Briefings by International Technology Transfer Agencies - Online

Technology briefings will be released by international technology transfer institutions established or co-established in Jiangsu by well-known overseas universities and research institutes.

5. Virtual B2B Meetings

Registered attendees shall make meeting appointment through i-PIC system prior to the conference. B2B meetings will be held in online meeting rooms based on the appointment schedule, which will be 30 min maximum for each pair. Online meeting rooms as well as room reservation services will be available 24 hours during the conference.

Priority fields: digital technology, life sciences, green growth, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, high-tech agriculture.

6. Symposium on Innovation and Cooperation of Multinational Enterprises - Onsite Event

The symposium aims to provide opportunities for multinational enterprises investing in Jiangsu and Jiangsu enterprises, universities, and research institutes to share experience on innovation cooperation and engage in business dialogue.


International Participants:

Representatives from well-known universities, research institutes and high-tech enterprises;

Representatives from government organizations and innovation institutes in partner countries and regions.

Domestic Participants:

Representatives from high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu;

Representatives from universities and research institutes in Jiangsu;

Representatives from municipal and county-level government organizations and high-tech parks in Jiangsu.


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