Nov.8-10, 2018   Asia Pacific Tower, Jinling Hotel, Nanjing
Nov.7 (Wednesday) All Day Registration 1/F Lobby
18:20-20:00 Buffet Reception 2/F Kunlun Ballroom
Nov.8(Thursday) 08:45-10:00 Plenary Session 2/F Kunlun Ballroom
10:00-10:15 Coffee Break 3/F
10:15-12:00 Technology Briefings – Key Partner Countries A. Russia  (ICT, New Materials) 3/F Meeting Room 1
B. Canada   (Biomedicine, Energy Saving) 3/F Meeting Room 6
C. United Kingdom  (Energy Saving, ICT) 3/F Meeting Room 7
D. Korea  (ICT, Intelligent Manufacture) 3/F Meeting Room 8
E. Sweden   (Life Sciences, ICT) 3/F Meeting Room 9
Technology Briefings – Priority Fields A. Green Growth 3/F Meeting Room 2
B. Life Sciences 3/F Meeting Room 3
C. Data Science 3/F Meeting Room 5
Symposium on Belt and Road Collaborative Innovation and Technology Transfer Jinling Tower
2/F Purple Mountain Ballroom
12:15-13:30 Lunch (Buffet) Jinling Tower
1/F Jin’s Café
13:30-17:30 B2B Meeting Matchmaking Meetings at the Designated Area Based on Online Appointments via i-PIC; 20 Minutes for Each Meeting 2/F Kunlun Ballroom
14:00-17:30 International Technology Transfer Summit of Universities Overseas Partners of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Jinling Tower
2/F Purple Mountain Ballroom
Nov.9-10(Friday- Saturday) Site Visits to Different Cities of Jiangsu
A. Nanjing (Energy Saving, ICT)
B. Suzhou, Wuxi (Healthcare)
C. Changzhou, Jiangyin (Advanced Manufacturing, New Materials)
Visits to High-Tech Parks and Matchmaking Meetings with Local Companies