Establish the Innovation Cooperation Network Advance the international technology transfer and cooperation comprehensively. Establish the partner network connecting with the global industrial innovation resources. Promote Jiangsu to take part in global R&D innovation on the basis of mutual benefit. And facilitate more transformations and industrialization of overseas advanced technologies and projects in Jiangsu.

Deepen the Key Innovation Cooperation Partnership   Deepen the close cooperation partnership with regions and countries with strong innovative capacity. Advance the industrial research cooperation with first-class innovation institutes. And promote high-level international industrial R&D projects and technology transfer agencies to locate in Jiangsu.

Improve the Industrial Open Innovation Capacity  Attract first-class international institutes, cutting-edge scientific achievements and outstanding innovative talents to gather in Jiangsu. Enhance Jiangsu enterprises’ awareness of open innovation and promote the internationalization of Jiangsu industrial innovation.


1、Plenary Session

Addresses and speeches by distinguished Chinese and international representatives

2、Technology Briefings and Workshop

Technology briefings from partner countries

Universities, research institutes, multinational corporations and technology transfer agencies will deliver briefings on their technology information, technical resources and cooperative proposals. Enterprises from Jiangsu high-tech industrial parks will be present according to their technical requirements.


Partner institutes from Jiangsu enterprises, domestic and overseas research institutions and multinational corporations will conduct workshop focusing on advanced manufacturing and other priority fields.

3、B2B Meetings

One-to-one meetings will be arranged between international organizations and Jiangsu enterprises based on online appointments and interactions prior to the Conference in the priority fields. (Scale: 25 desks. 300 pairs of one-to-one meetings with 20 minutes for each pair)

Theme-focused roundtable meetings will be organized between major international organizations and relevant Jiangsu enterprises and research institutes.

4、Site Visits to Different Cities of Jiangsu

2-3 site visit options will be provided for international representatives to Jiangsu industrial parks and enterprises with international cooperation demands.

Priority Fields for Matchmakings

1、New Generation Information Technologies

High Performance Computing, 5th Generation Mobile Networks, “Internet Plus” Industrial Cloud, Healthcare Big Data

2、New Materials and Nanotechnology

Graphene, High Performance Carbon Fiber, Biomimetic Material, High Temperature Superconductor,
High Performance Energy Storage Material, New Nanometer Material, 3D Printing Material

3、Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Equipment

Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid and Equipment, High-End Numerical Control Machine Tools & Robotics,
Green Rail Transportation Equipment

4、Bio-Medicines and Healthcare

Biomedical Material, Molecular Targeted Drug, Antibody-Drug, Personalized Medicine, Advanced Medical Device

5、Clean Technologies and Urbanization

Green Building, Renewable Energy, Air Pollution Control and Management, Waste and Water Treatment,
Soil and Groundwater Remediation

6、Modern Agriculture

Protected Agriculture, Ecological Agriculture, Information Agriculture, Biological Agriculture


The Conference will invite 200 international representatives and 400 representatives from China.

International Participants:

High-level experts of industrial innovation and representatives from international innovation-based organizations;

Representatives from famous international technology transfer agencies;

Representatives who also attend China-CEEC Innovation Cooperation Conference.

Domestic Participants:

Representatives of Jiangsu high-tech enterprises;

Representatives from innovation and industrial parks in Jiangsu;

Representatives from government organizations.


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